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Production of Banding Machines:

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Welcome to the Website of BS Banktechnik GmbH Chemnitz.

We are specialized in consultation, manufacture, distribution and service of modern cash handling components and systems.


As General Distributor of "Magner International Corporation U.S.A." in Germany we are able to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality and precise coin counting and coin counting and sorting machines as well as banknote counting machines. These machines can be used separately on a wide range of applications or implemented into systems.
Our banknote counting machines are equipped with counterfeit detection features and are regularly tested at European Central Bank in regard to their counterfeit detection capabilities. Besides this they can be optionally equipped with a FITNESS function which enable to process banknotes to meet the strong BRF recycling regulations of ECB.

Our product program covers among others:

For our product range we offer a comprehensive and authorized service.

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